A QuakeWorld package for beginners.

  • Homepage: http://nquake.com
  • Hosting mode: Partly hosted on QW-DEV.net
  • Development status: Active

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Project Leader: Niclas 'Empezar' Lindström

Latest news

New nQuake version (1 comment)
Since ezQuake now has the security module incorporated into the engine, nQuake needed a quick fix.
Added by Niclas 'Empezar' Lindström 141 days ago

New main mirror rsync server (3 comments)
Since the summer of 2005, llamah.se has been the main rsync mirror for both fQuake and nQuake. This changes now as f.nu takes over.
Added by Niclas 'Empezar' Lindström 194 days ago

nQuake Server Edition
nQuake Server Edition is currently under development. Feature requests are welcome.
Added by Niclas 'Empezar' Lindström 240 days ago

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