KTX (Kombat Teams eXtreme) is a QuakeWorld(R) server mod featuring many playmodes including: DeathMatch, Capture The Flag, Rocket Arena, Instagib, Yawnmode...

Also provides enhancements like VWEP, spawn models, detailled stats and more!

  • Hosting mode: Fully hosted on QW-DEV.net
  • Development status: Active
  • Repository type: SVN (Subversion)
  • Repository URL: http://qw-dev.net/svn/ktx

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KTX 1.35 rev.763 linux/w32
Added by Tero Parkkonen 48 days ago

QTV chat compliant KTX build 11.3.2008
Added by Tero Parkkonen 77 days ago

SVN repository changed
*IMPORTANT: SVN repository changed, details inside the article...*
Added by Alexandre Nizoux 182 days ago

KTX compilers
KTX needs your help for binaries.
Added by Alexandre Nizoux 185 days ago

Forums opened (5 comments)
Should have done it earlier!
Added by Alexandre Nizoux 189 days ago

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