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IRC channel

Added by deurk 34 days ago

You can come on QW-DEV IRC channel if you wish to discuss about the hosted projects or meet with other developers.
It is hosted in QuakeNet ( in #qw-dev.

I have added a little counter on the top right side of the website telling you how many people are actually connected to it.
Enjoy :)

Spam on (2 comments)

Added by deurk 54 days ago

Bots are spamming issues comments so for the time being, I have to deny anonymous access until a captcha sstem is added to

SVN integrated

Added by deurk 54 days ago

When creating a new project, QW-DEV now creates the associated repository if module is activated, along with rights matching members of the project.
It was done manually before that I'm pretty glad this now works.

One more try...

Added by deurk 117 days ago

Still trying to proxify correctly Ruby without putting the host down to its knees, migration has been made from "passenger" to "thin" cluster.
Let's see how it goes for the next few days...

Another change

Added by deurk 126 days ago

Another try at getting something more stable and faster: I just replaced Mongrel with Passenger (mod_rails) with makes Apache configuration easier and integrates nicely with it.
Let's see how stable and fast it is now.

Renzo, your call :)

A little bit of down, a good deal of up!

Added by deurk 133 days ago

Some of you might have noticed yesterday that website got down at one point. It has been caused by me (:P), trying to solve a problem of non-responsiveness by upgrading the core components of the architecture... Well, it didn't go that good at first.

Now, after a few hours of struggle, site is back up and you shouldn't have to click more than once anymore to get to a page.

If some troubles are still not fixed or have appeared, please use the project tracker to inform me so I can improve things.

Repositories fixed!

Added by deurk 298 days ago

All the troubles with the repositories are now fixed. Enjoy :)

Trouble with repositories

Added by deurk 298 days ago

Repository browsing is broken on all hosted project since yesterday, but work is being done to fix it asap :)

IRC Bot in development (2 comments)

Added by deurk 356 days ago

[QW-DEV] appeared on #qw-dev @ QuakeNet (the official IRC channel of this website) in order to be tested for the first of its functionnalities: Activity reporting.

It should now display changes made to your projects in the channel.

Ideas are welcome, and feedback too.


Added by deurk 361 days ago

Patched a bit the engine and got the projects to be able to use their own theme instead of all sharing a commun theme. Project admins can ask me more information on how to create those and get them in the list.

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