There is a need to cover more servers with QTV support, but as it seems that one QTV server for all Europe QW servers isn't doable (high traffic), this needs to be done by using separated QTVs.
On the other side users need one place where they can see all the "now playing" action. For this we've created a PHP script that concatenates "now playing" pages of more QTVs into one global (central, meta) "now playing" page.

The main MetaQTV page is available at or if you wish.

Development version is up at

In repository it is placed in /trunk/metaqtv/

Adding your QW Server to the QTV page

If you want your server to be added to the main QTV page, you have two options.
  • Recommended: Run your own public QTV server, connect your QW servers to it and follow the instructions in the section below for your QTV server to be listed on the main MetaQTV page
  • Ask admin of some of the existing QTV servers (listed here ) to add your QW servers to their QTV
    - read and follow before you do so
    - admins can be found on IRC in #qtv

If you run more than one port (QW server), it is strongly recommended to run your own QTV server. The current major QTV servers are already heavily loaded and don't accept large numbers of new servers automatically.

Adding your public QTV server to the Meta-QTV page

If you are running a public QTV and want to make it visible on the central MetaQTV page (mentioned above), contact us on IRC (#qtv) or submit an New Issue on this web.