KTX 1.35 rev.763 linux/w32

Added by Tero Parkkonen 48 days ago

This new beta-release of KTX contains mainly CTF related fixes by Ult. Also some minor changes has been made in the way +scores and +wp_stats behave.

Download Linux:

Download Windows:

QTV chat compliant KTX build 11.3.2008

Added by Tero Parkkonen 77 days ago

Compiled on Debian x86 to be used with the latest QTV that allows chatting. This is a high priority build that should be used in case QTV is connected to your server to allow chatting and make the server stable.

Grab it here:

SVN repository changed

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 182 days ago

SVN repository has been moved from to today.
Note that repository CANNOT be turn off, so you will still be able to READ it (all WRITE accesses have been removed to make people commiting changes understand that something is different).

New SVN repository address: so you can checkout against new repository if you are under linux using:

svn co ktx

People in need of write access need to ask deurk about it in #ktx on QuakeNet.

KTX compilers

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 185 days ago

The KTX team is looking for compilation environments...

More in this thread: []

Forums opened (5 comments)

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 189 days ago

Forums ( are now opened for KTX.
You can use them for various talk about play-modes and such, opinions, feedback...

More work on Rocket Arena

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 189 days ago

qqshka ported some time ago Rocket Arena into KTX, but announcement has been pretty quiet so most of KTX users didn't even realized that Rocket Arena existed in KTX.
Some communication is being made on the subject and some tests are also on the way. General behavior is OK but some details still have to be taken care of.

Make sure to try it out and report bugs!

Cvars and Commands lists

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 195 days ago

At least you can check with cvars exist and which don't.
Some of those are pretty self-explainatory while some others are quite hard to grab out of the blue.

Be sure that pages will appear with time and with code changes.


KTX server HOWTO

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 198 days ago

All unexperimented server admins can now rely on a up-to-date server HOWTO to run KTX!
Available here.

KTX is moving in

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 198 days ago

KTX home has moved again. is more than happy to welcome the QW mod into the hosted projects list. After being splitted between <a href="" target="_blank">SourceForge</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">QuakeOnline</a>, the KTX team decided to host every aspect of the project on one simple yet functionnal opensource and actively developed framework.

Also available in: Atom