ezQuake — Modern QuakeWorld Client
This is the right place to start playing QuakeWorld® — the fastest first person shooter action game ever.

Combining the features of all modern QuakeWorld® clients, ezQuake makes QuakeWorld® easier to start and play. The immortal first person shooter Quake® in the brand new skin with superb graphics and extremely fast gameplay.

  • Modern graphics
  • QuakeTV support
  • Rich Menus
  • Multiview support
  • Tons of features to serve latest pro-gaming needs
  • Inbuilt Server Browser & MP3 player control
  • Recorded Games Browser
  • Customization of all possible graphics elements of the game including Head Up Display
  • All sorts of scripting possibilities
  • MAC OS X and FreeBSD platforms supported. Software version for computers without 3D graphics accelerators.
  • Homepage: http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/
  • Hosting mode: Only listed on QW-DEV.net
  • Development status: Active
  • Repository address: https://ezquake.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ezquake


Project Leader: JohnNy_cz