• ezQuake

    ezQuake — Modern QuakeWorld Client
    This is the right place to start playing QuakeWorld® — the fastest first person shooter action game ever.

    Combining the features of all modern QuakeWorld® clients, ezQuake makes QuakeWorld® easier to start and play. The immortal first person shooter Quake® in the brand new skin with superb graphics and extremely fast gameplay....

  • KT Log Parser

    KT Log Parser is a web statistics generator to be used with the widely used QuakeWorld(R) server modifications KT, KTpro and KTX.

    SVN URL:

  • KTX

    KTX (Kombat Teams eXtreme) is a QuakeWorld(R) server mod featuring many playmodes including: DeathMatch, Capture The Flag, Rocket Arena, Instagib, Yawnmode...

    Also provides enhancements like VWEP, spawn models, detailled stats and more!...

  • KTX Stats

    KTX Stats is a project aiming at being a full featured log parser and analyzer for KTX games.

  • Maps

    This project will regroup all subprojects of maps development, one subproject per map.

  • MVD Parser

    A QuakeWorld MultiView Demo parser. Parses a demo and outputs statistics about it. The output is highly customizeable using a event / templating system.


    MVDSV (MultiView Demo Server) is the most popular QuakeWorld(R) Server with its ability to record every player's point of view in a single demo.

  • nQuake

    QuakeWorld is the pinnacle of high skill, fast action first person shooters. nQuake is an easily installable QuakeWorld package that provides beginners and newcomers a solid setup containing everything needed to start playing. QuakeWorld starts here....

  • QTV

    Welcome to QTV Project Page

    QTV (Quake TV, formerly EZTV) is a MVD demo data streaming proxy over TCP/IP for QuakeWorld(R) servers.

    Check our QTV wiki! It also contains information about MetaQTV....

  • QuakeWorld QuakeC

    Project aimed at being a collection of QuakeC code gathered around QuakeWorld

  • QW-DEV Website has its own project space for users to be able to submit bugs or requests, as well as document functionalities if needed.

  • QWfwd

    QWfwd is a re-routing proxy for QuakeWorld that can be used in combination with MVDSV as a "module" or as a stand-alone binary. QWfwd features a very small resource footprint.

  • QWPickup

    The goal of the project is to create a complex and comfortable QuakeWorld pickup system.
    It should help players to look for games with parameters (skill, ping, type) and help run quick tournaments. It's in analysis and specification stage.

  • QWPings

    Database of QuakeWorld pings. Gathers pings of players to QuakeWorld servers and allows to browse and compare them.

  • QWScores

    Server-scanning tool that uses smart algorithm to catch all match results from all KT*-enabled servers on the world; results then can be send via IRC or HTTP

    SVN URL:

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