KTX: Cvars and Commands lists

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 201 days ago

At least you can check with cvars exist and which don't.
Some of those are pretty self-explainatory while some others are quite hard to grab out of the blue.

Be sure that pages will appear with time and with code changes.


nQuake: nQuake Server Edition

Added by Niclas Lindström 203 days ago

I have started working on nQuake Server Edition.

Features will include:

  • Simple installation interface √° la nQuake for Windows/Linux/*BSD.
  • Option to upgrade existing installation.
  • Server-specific settings are set during installation.
  • Modifications: Arena, Clan Arena, Capture The Flag, (Frogbot?), KTX, Team Fortress.
  • Team Fortress will have an option to install any of the variants available.

If you have any input on what should be included or any specific settings you think should be set, please feel free to tell me.


Added by Alexandre Nizoux 204 days ago

All unexperimented server admins can now rely on a up-to-date server HOWTO to run KTX!
Available here.

KTX: KTX is moving in

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 204 days ago

KTX home has moved again. is more than happy to welcome the QW mod into the hosted projects list. After being splitted between <a href="" target="_blank">SourceForge</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">QuakeOnline</a>, the KTX team decided to host every aspect of the project on one simple yet functionnal opensource and actively developed framework.


Added by Alexandre Nizoux 206 days ago

Feel free to browse, add and modify information contained in those pages: QTV Wiki

QTV: Home Sweet New Home!

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 206 days ago

From now on, all updates regarding QTV will be detailled here. QTV is the first project to be hosted on this project framework website but soon, other projects will join the parade, like KTX, MVDSV and probably other ones really soon...

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