Deadly_sp Creations: dspra1 - Gangster's Club

Added by DeadLy_sp Level Designer 182 days ago

Gangster's Club that's the title for this map. The design on it is very simple but offer good look. As always, check it yourself for more details :p

Thanks to deurk (KTX owner) for help with the creation of this type of maps (rocket arena) and for his great server support.

dspra1 home page:

QW-DEV Website: IRC Bot in development (2 comments)

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 186 days ago

[QW-DEV] appeared on #qw-dev @ QuakeNet (the official IRC channel of this website) in order to be tested for the first of its functionnalities: Activity reporting.

It should now display changes made to your projects in the channel.

Ideas are welcome, and feedback too.

KTX: SVN repository changed

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 188 days ago

SVN repository has been moved from to today.
Note that repository CANNOT be turn off, so you will still be able to READ it (all WRITE accesses have been removed to make people commiting changes understand that something is different).

New SVN repository address: so you can checkout against new repository if you are under linux using:

svn co ktx

People in need of write access need to ask deurk about it in #ktx on QuakeNet.

Deadly_sp Creations: dspdm7 - The Modern Egypt

Added by DeadLy_sp Level Designer 189 days ago

After five days of the release of dspdm6, today bring my seventh map called dspdm7 and their title is "*The Modern Egypt*". This seventh map is specially designed for 2on2 combats.

I can't tell you much more. Download it and just enjoy!

Remember, visit for more info and for the downloads.

Deadly_sp Creations: dspdm6 - Blood Hunger Doctrine

Added by DeadLy_sp Level Designer 190 days ago

This is my sixth work named dspdm6 and it's title is "*Blood Hunger Doctrine*" (thanks JohnNy_cz for help choosing the title). The design of the map was inspired by Painkiller's graphical style combined with the gameplay of Quake, getting a diabolical game in combat. For now, it received good feedback from the testers, I hope have players will also enjoy it.

Remember, visit for more info and for the downloads.


KTX: KTX compilers

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 191 days ago

The KTX team is looking for compilation environments...

More in this thread: []

QTV: Call for artists!

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 191 days ago

If you are talented with any graphic software and feel like providing QTV a nice logo to use, feel free to submit your work on this tracker: [].

Best entries will be put up for a users vote.

QW-DEV Website: Themes!!

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 191 days ago

Patched a bit the engine and got the projects to be able to use their own theme instead of all sharing a commun theme. Project admins can ask me more information on how to create those and get them in the list.

QW-DEV Website: Nice new feature for repositories

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 191 days ago

If you used the repositories pages recently, you might have noticed that for a changeset (revision), you could see what files where changed and the changes themselves... but not the actual content of the changed files.

It is now possible by directly clicking on the file name, way more convenient than to have to go browse the directory to find the particular file.

QW-DEV Website: Opened tracker for the website

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 191 days ago

Trackers were opened for website project, and the forum about bugs and features is now going to be closed.

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