MVDSV: Pre-built binaries issues

Added by Tero Parkkonen 120 days ago

It appears that pre-built MVDSV binaries might cause some unforeseen behaviour depending on the system they are being run. For example Debian i386 pre-built binaries might end up causing rounding errors in game so you can pick up GA even if you already had GA:100.

The best way to avoid this is to get sources and compile it on the server machine or at least very much similar system. This isn't MVDSV fault but rather system/OS fault and we might have to explore this issue a bit more. Until that time, try to compile the sources by yourself if you can.

QW-DEV Website: Repositories fixed!

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 128 days ago

All the troubles with the repositories are now fixed. Enjoy :)

QW-DEV Website: Trouble with repositories

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 128 days ago

Repository browsing is broken on all hosted project since yesterday, but work is being done to fix it asap :)

MVDSV: Updated easy server package (1 comment)

Added by Tero Parkkonen 140 days ago

The server package ( has now been updated so that it now contains preconfigured default configuration for both allround and ffa gametypes.

The directory structure is virtually unchanged but FFA directory was added to keep the KTX and FFA configs separate, making configuring of the config files a bit less messy. Don't forget to PAY ATTENTION to the readme files included as they contain really important information.

nQuake: New main mirror rsync server (3 comments)

Added by Niclas Lindström 157 days ago

If you are one of nQuake's mirrors or would like to be one, please update your rsync cronjob to the following:

0 */3 * * * rsync -rtz rsync:// <b>/path/to/nquake/files</b>

where /path/to/nquake/files can be something like /www/nquake.

You might also want to edit your apache config so your mirror can be reached from <mirrorname>, like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName <b>mymirror</b>
DocumentRoot <b>/path/to/nquake/files</b>
<Directory <b>/path/to/nquake/files</b>>
Allow from all
Options +Indexes

This allows people to reach the mirror from and (randomly chosen mirror).

After you've done this, make a post here telling me the URL of the mirror (http or ftp), the server's IP, the server's connection (Mbit/s), and the location of the server (country and city), that is unless you are already hosting an nQuake mirror and the URL to the files have not changed.

QTV: QTV 1.00b, build 3291

Added by Tero Parkkonen 164 days ago

We got new build of QTV 1.00b 3291 available for download. This release fixes few HTTP page related issues, new directory structure, local map images and already existing FTE compatibility issue. Except more builds in the near future that might change the appearance of the HTTP page.

MVDSV: Easy server packs

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 164 days ago

Server packs with instructions have been uploaded for both Windows and Linux.
They feature recent MVDSV and KTX binaries.

You can find them here:

QWPickup: Project Created

Added by Jan -JohnNy_cz- Raszyk 172 days ago

I'm ready to be the main developer of this project, both client and server side. But long road is ahead and I want to put lot of time in the analysis and specification part.

Therefore I welcome all suggestions you have for a pickup system.

Tell me how you want to look for non-tournament games. For example do you care about ping? Do you care about your opponent's skill? Does your opponent need to be a known (registered) player? What other factors need to be in count? Map preference? Can you think of more criteria?

More general part of this system will be tournament support. This system should allow you to send a message "I'd like to play a rated / tournament game now" just by one click and the system mission is to look for your an available opponent.

QTV: Repository move

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 179 days ago

Following KTX and MVDSV, QTV has seen its SVN repository move to infrastructure.
New SVN URL is (better name eh?!).

People in need of write access are advised to get in touch with deurk on #qw-dev (irc://

MVDSV: Repository move (1 comment)

Added by Alexandre Nizoux 179 days ago

In order to speed up access, MVDSV SVN repository (following KTX lead) has been moved to
You can now checkout the new repository at the following URL:

Feedback is welcomed as usual.

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