Welcome to the QW-DEV.net projects framework website!

QW-DEV.net's initiative is to regroup today's QuakeWorld(R) developments, may they be
  • client coding,
  • server coding,
  • mod coding,
  • texture drawing,
  • map building,
  • 3D modeling,
  • sound sampling.
  • etc...

In this website, projects admins can host their development, and be provided with useful tools to help development. Some projects are also just listed and linked to their official site, as long as they are QuakeWorld(R) related.

Spread the word, share the information and let's build the most complete list of today's QuakeWorld(R) developments!

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Latest news

QW-DEV Website: New host, possibly new speed (51 comments)
QW-DEV.net has changed its host server
Added by deurk 3 months ago

QW-DEV Website: New hosted project: camquake (68 comments)
Movie makers, this tool is for you!
Added by deurk 10 months ago

QW-DEV Website: nQuake is back (81 comments)
nQuake trackers and news hosted on QW-DEV.
Added by deurk 11 months ago

QW-DEV Website: IRC via web page (25 comments)
QW_DEV gets its QuakeNet IRC page
Added by deurk 11 months ago

QW-DEV Website: QW-DEV needs a new face
Web design coder needed!
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Latest projects

  • ezQuake (16/04/2009 23:32)

    ezQuake — Modern QuakeWorld Client
    This is the right place to start playing QuakeWorld® — the fastest first person shooter action game ever.

    Combining the features of all modern QuakeWorld® clients, ezQuake makes QuakeWorld® easier to start and play. The immortal first person shooter Quake® in the brand new skin with superb graphics and extremely fast gameplay....

  • Maps (16/04/2009 00:00)

    This project will regroup all subprojects of maps development, one subproject per map.

  • nQuake (17/03/2009 10:01)

    QuakeWorld is the pinnacle of high skill, fast action first person shooters. nQuake is an easily installable QuakeWorld package that provides beginners and newcomers a solid setup containing everything needed to start playing. QuakeWorld starts here....

  • KTX Stats (13/03/2009 14:51)

    KTX Stats is a project aiming at being a full featured log parser and analyzer for KTX games.

  • QWfwd (16/11/2008 22:16)

    QWfwd is a re-routing proxy for QuakeWorld that can be used in combination with MVDSV as a "module" or as a stand-alone binary. QWfwd features a very small resource footprint.